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Our Work

Contribute to Center City's Future 

Thanks to the support of our community, the CCD has raised $9.7 million of the $10.3 million needed for Phase I of the Viaduct Rail Park. Join the effort to get us across the finish line with a donation  today!

Center City Philadelphia has been transformed into a vibrant, expanding 21st-century downtown. The Center City District Foundation (CCDF) seeks to build on this success with new projects that enhance downtown gateways, create signature boulevards, new neighborhood amenities and enhance existing CCD-managed parks with cultural and educational programming for all age groups. Building on today’s optimism, the CCDF is a reliable conduit to achieve high quality results, to support the continued transformation of Philadelphia’s downtown and to create new job opportunities.

Make Real Change

Giving change to people on the street usually only helps keep them there. A specially trained group of Community Service Representatives encourage and assist people who are homeless in coming off the street and into appropriate facilities where they can find shelter and necessary social services. CCDF also supports job opportunities for disadvantaged workers.To support our efforts contribute to the Center City District Foundation